Q&A with Your Candidate

Where do you reside and work?
I live Sagle, Idaho. I owned and operated Dr. Splinter’s Woodworks over 40 years and have been fortunate to have met and worked with and for many diverse and interesting people throughout Bonner and Boundary County.

What drew you into the election?
Bonner County has been my home and where I have worked for over 25 and has provided a safe and healthy environment to raise my family as well as opportunity for friendships and recreation. Customers and friends began sharing repeated experiences of perceived unfair treatment at BOE (Board of Equalization) hearings when they contested their assessments. They were told there were “no comps” to support their increased assessment only to be presented with comps the moment before the hearing was to start and when later reviewed, proved inaccurate. The assessment procedure can be complicated and somewhat subjective. I strongly believe in the importance of communicating thoroughly and to advocate for our county property owners.
It is my conviction that it is my time to step up and give back to the communities that have supported my family for a quarter of a century.

What in particular would you say to our readers in western Bonner County (Priest River, Priest Lake, Laclede, Blanchard)?
This assessment process needs to be equitable to all Bonner County property owners without regard to regional or economic bias. It will be my mission, as your assessor, to advocate for you with the utmost respect and equability possible.
Voting is a privilege where we get to choose whom we believe will best represent us. This is a job interview and I would like to encourage you to look at the qualifications needed for this position.
I am a numbers person as well as a builder, I understand property values and have worked hands on in many aspects of property management, development and construction with a unique perspective in valuating and assessing all stages of building and quality of structures.
My core belief is government is to serve the people and that the Assessor’s office should be accountable to all full and part-time county residents. I ask for your vote of confidence to let me represent you as Assessor.

What policies will you pursue to change what you say is the problem at the Assessor’s Office?
According to a July 2016 documentation, there was an incident in the Assessor’s Office regarding some altered e-mails that clearly demonstrated a lack of oversite and accountability within the leadership. My goal is to run an office that is efficient, accountable and respectful. I will be an advocate for all property owners and business concerns and will do my best to resolve any discrepancies to lessen the burden on the Commissioners
I believe the vast majority of the office staff is dedicated and hard working. What is needed is a fresh perspective and leadership to implement the goals and standards of the county office. This includes equal treatment for all employees in which every person within the office is vital and part of the same team.

Do you have any endorsements?
Since the official Petitions of Candidacy are filed February 2018, I cannot acknowledge official endorsements at this time.
If people want to help, volunteer, or donate, how can they do that?
My e-mail address is: richardmillerbca@gmail.com, or Facebook.com/RMiller2018,
If you belong to a club or organization that would like to hear more, I would be honored to speak at any meeting and answer your questions.

Answers to Priest River Times Questions 1-14.18

Richard Miller Launches County Assessor Campaign

Richard Miller launches County Assessor campaign on accountability, accessibility, efficiency.

SANDPOINT – Advocating for an assessor’s office that serves the people, local business owner Richard Miller announced his candidacy for Bonner County Assessor.

With over 40 years of experience in property development and the construction industry, Richard Miller is well aware of the challenges that local property owners in Bonner County face. His core belief is that government is supposed to serve the people and that the assessor’s office should be a benefit to county residents.

“The perception of property owners in Bonner County is that they are not being heard. To serve and advocate for others is the highest sign of respect. The property owners of Bonner County deserve an assessor who has their best interest at heart,”

Bonner County property owners interested in learning more about Richard Miller’s campaign and his plan to make the assessor’s office work for you, are invited to check out Facebook.com/RMiller2018.

Information contact: richardmiller.bca@gmail.com